• How HVAC Zone Systems Work and the Benefits They Offer

    One of the hardest parts of heating and cooling a house is achieving a comfortable temperature in every room of your house. This can be hard with single-story homes, but it is even harder with two-story homes, unless you have a zoned HVAC system. A zoned system has multiple thermostats, which allows you to have more control over the temperature in your entire home. How Do Zones Work? When a zoned HVAC system is set up in a new home, the contractor will install dampers inside the ducts used to supply the cooled or heated air to the rooms. [Read More]

  • 2 Major Cooling Issues That Can Stem From Improper Air Conditioner Installation

    Buying a new central air conditioner for your home is a costly endeavor and you might be tempted to save some money by hiring the cheapest air conditioning repair and installation company in your area. After all, you will be able to tell before the tech leaves if the unit is cooling the air so you will know the job was done correctly. Unfortunately, a momentarily working unit doesn't mean the entire system was installed correctly. [Read More]