3 Reasons To Opt For An AC With A Lower SEER Rating

Posted on: 19 February 2020

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to think about investing in a new air conditioner if your existing system is no longer keeping your home cool. Buying a new AC unit can be stressful, and many homeowners rely on SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings to help them make their selection.

Don't be tempted to purchase an AC unit with the highest SEER rating without doing your homework first. Most homes can be cooled using units with a lower SEER rating to help reduce installation costs.

1. Compensate for Differing Environmental Parameters

SEER ratings are designed to help homeowners understand how an AC unit should perform over time. Each AC unit carrying a SEER rating is tested in a laboratory setting using a standardized set of parameters. The problem with this setup is that your home most likely won't fit the parameters used in the laboratory.

If you live in a region with cooler temperatures than those used during SEER testing, your home can comfortably be cooled by a unit with a lower SEER rating. Be sure that you factor in the unique parameters within your home before investing in a new AC unit so that you can secure a unit with the right SEER rating.

2. Maximize the Reliability of Your AC Unit

Purchasing a new AC unit isn't cheap. You will need to pay for the unit itself, as well as installation and initial servicing. Reliability is important when you are purchasing something as expensive as a new AC unit.

High-efficiency units can be less reliable than units with a lower SEER rating. A high-efficiency unit relies on a two-stage compressor to cool a residential space. These types of compressors are relatively new and can experience performance problems on occasion.

Lower-efficiency AC units tend to run more reliably over a longer period of time, allowing you to maximize the value of your investment.

3. Reduce Future Maintenance Costs

You don't stop paying for an air conditioner once the installation is complete. Ongoing maintenance and professional servicing are required to keep your new unit running as efficiently as possible.

A unit with a lower SEER rating can be more affordable to maintain over time. Replacement parts for a high-efficiency AC unit with a two-stage compressor often cost more than replacement parts for a slightly lower efficiency unit.

You can balance cost with performance by choosing a unit with a lower SEER rating to cool your home. Call an AC unit replacement service to get more information.