How To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

Posted on: 25 September 2019

Whether you live in California or somewhere back east, winter can get pretty cold. Even if your version of cold is in the 50's, it can still be cold enough that you need to turn on your heater during the winter. To make sure your heater is as ready as possible for the warm weather, there are a few things that you can do as a homeowner. From having your air ducts cleaned to making sure your thermostat is programmed, this article will take a closer look at three things that you can do. Ready to learn some more? If so, then read on.

1. Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

One part of your HVAC system that a lot of homeowners don't think about is their air ducts. Your air ducts are the ducts that are responsible for delivering warm air from your furnace to your air vents. However, your air ducts can build up with a lot of dust and dirt which can make it so all of the air that you breathe is dirty. Also, when your air ducts are dirty, it makes your furnace have to work a lot harder which can make your heat bill go up. During an air duct cleaning, the professionals will clean out all of your vents, your returns, exchanges, and inside of the air vents. Try to get into the habit of having this done twice a year. 

2. Change Out Your Filters

Your air filters are an easy thing to do on your own and they should be done every couple of months depending on the type of furnace that you have. This small filter may look like it doesn't do a lot but it's actually one of the most important components in your system. The filter is responsible for filtering out all of the dust and dirt so it doesn't get in your system and cause damage. Also, it helps to give you cleaner air throughout your house. 

3. Program Your Thermostat

Your heating bills can get really expensive during the winter. To avoid paying too much to heat your house, make sure that your thermostat is programmed to a lower temperature when you're gone during the day and that it's warm when you get home from work every day. If you can, try to get a thermostat app on your phone so you can program it from just about anywhere.