• Causes Of AC Compressor Motor Failure

    The compressor and condenser are vital in air conditioner (AC) operations. The compressor compresses it to increase its temperature and pressure and then pumps the refrigerant to the condenser. The condenser lowers the refrigerant pressure and temperature by facilitating heat exchange. Below are some of the reasons the compressor motor might malfunction. The AC Lacks Power Several AC parts, including the compressor, require electricity to run. The compressor motor won't run if: [Read More]

  • Some Reasons Why You Don't Want To Put Off Needed Air Conditioning Repairs

    If your air conditioning isn't working right, then you shouldn't put off having it fixed. There are a lot of reasons why having your air conditioning repaired right away will be good for you and your family. Here are some of the reasons why immediate air conditioning repair is the best thing to do:   You won't get caught off-guard If you decide to put off your air conditioning repairs until it starts to get warmer, then you and your family may get caught off-guard by the heat. [Read More]

  • Is Your Business Furnace Heat Exchanger Damaged? 3 Signs You Should Not Ignore

    Your commercial heating system needs to work effectively for your employees and your clients to enjoy the desired indoor temperature during the cold season. Without a working heating system, your workers will be more focused on the cold than on their job, affecting their productivity. For that reason, as a business owner, you need to inspect your heating system regularly. If you notice these three issues during your inspection, your heat exchanger is damaged, and you should call a furnace repair contractor. [Read More]

  • Is Your Heat Pump Malfunctioning? Find Out

    A heat pump is vital during the cold months as it extracts thermal energy from your exterior and transfers it to your home for indoor comfort. However, your heat pump can malfunction and give out unexpectedly. When this happens, it can lead to high energy bills and costly repairs to restore system operation. Therefore, you should engage a heating system service contractor to identify and remedy the cause of the malfunction for improved indoor comfort. [Read More]

  • FAQs About Residential Air Conditioning Servicing Plans, Contracts, And More

    Why should you invest in a residential air conditioning servicing maintenance program? This type of contract may seem like an extra that your AC system doesn't need. But routine maintenance has benefits that can save you time, energy, and, best of all, money. If you're not sure why you need a service contract, take a look at the top questions homeowners have about AC maintenance plans.  Why Does Your Home's AC System Need Maintenance? [Read More]

  • 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your HVAC System

    When it comes to replacing your HVAC system, there are a number of factors that need to be considered carefully. A good HVAC system is an integral part of any home comfort system — but if the wrong decisions are made during the installation process, it can lead to expensive repairs or even complete failure of the equipment. To help you avoid such pitfalls and make sure that your replacement HVAC system works as efficiently and effectively as possible, here are five common mistakes to avoid when replacing your HVAC system. [Read More]

  • Looking For The Perfect Heating System? Here Are Some Options To Consider

    Everyone wants to have a warm home in the winter. Sadly, few people take the time to study the available heating appliances in the market to ensure efficiency and longevity. As a result, most spend their money on systems and later discover they are not as efficient or durable as they would have hoped. If this is your current situation, keep reading to understand what might work best for your needs. [Read More]

  • Why Should You Seek Professional Help When Installing An AC System?

    Most people today think they can do everything by themselves simply because they can access all the information they need online. However, it's a wrong notion, mainly when dealing with air conditioning installation, because it can get you into serious problems. It's usually inappropriate to think you can install an AC unit yourself just because you have a manual to guide you. Air conditioning installation is among the tasks you should leave to a seasoned technician. [Read More]

  • What Can Go Wrong With Commercial Rooftop Package AC Units?

    Rooftop package units (RTUs) are a common solution for commercial air conditioning needs. These units package the most vital system parts in a single enclosure, reducing installation costs, improving efficiency, and often providing easier maintenance and repair access. They also don't require much interior space, which can be a huge benefit for commercial applications. However, RTUs also spend their lives exposed to the elements. While all air conditioning condensers live outside, the evaporator and associated hardware in RTUs must also contend with temperature swings, moisture, and other environmental concerns. [Read More]

  • Is Foul Odor Driving Clients Away From Your Restaurant? Hire AC Repair Experts

    Getting to your restaurant and being welcomed by a foul smell is frustrating. The last thing you need in your eatery is a bad smell since it can scare away your clients and employees. Therefore, if the air quality in your restaurant is compromised, it is time to hire air conditioning professionals to help fix the problem. Learn of four AC smells that should alert you to call repair professionals immediately. [Read More]