FAQs About Residential Air Conditioning Servicing Plans, Contracts, And More

Posted on: 4 January 2023

Why should you invest in a residential air conditioning servicing maintenance program? This type of contract may seem like an extra that your AC system doesn't need. But routine maintenance has benefits that can save you time, energy, and, best of all, money. If you're not sure why you need a service contract, take a look at the top questions homeowners have about AC maintenance plans. 

Why Does Your Home's AC System Need Maintenance?

Your air conditioner keeps the interior space cool and doesn't seem to have any major problems. Why would you need to call a residential air conditioning repair contractor? Even though the system may work right now, without routine maintenance it could fail prematurely.

Along with this type of AC issue, a lack of proper maintenance could force your system to work harder. This reduces overall efficiency and pushes the air conditioner to use more energy. The more energy the system uses, the more you will pay in utility bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air conditioners cost a collective $29 billion annually to use. Regular service can help you to reduce your home's share of this number.

Why Choose A Maintenance Service Plan?

Do you sometimes forget to schedule routine appointments? Is it difficult to remember the date (or even year) of your system's last check-up? Whether doctor's office well visits, your pup's annual immunizations or your HVAC system's routine maintenance falls through the cracks, you need a way to keep these types of appointments/visits on track. 

If your busy life makes it challenging to schedule appointments, you aren't alone. This is a primary reason why service plans exist. A plan may allow you to schedule service in advance or can help you to track your system's maintenance history. 

Which Contractor Should You Choose For AC Servicing?

Are you ready to hire a new HVAC company to meet your system's servicing needs? Before you point and click on the first contractor that you google, think about what you want or need in an air conditioning provider. Your AC wants/needs could include:

  • A contractor who offers a servicing plan. If you've already decided to sign a servicing plan contract, make sure the contractor offers this type of option.  

  • A contractor who can service your AC system. HVAC companies may only service specific types of systems or brands. If you have a solar system or mini split ductless air conditioner, ask the contractor if they can work on your AC.

Along with routine maintenance, you may need the contractor for other services. Instead of finding a second company for repairs or a residential air conditioning system installation (when it is needed), choose a service provider that offers everything you will need right now and could need in the future.  

For more information about residential air conditioning servicing, contact a local company.