Is Foul Odor Driving Clients Away From Your Restaurant? Hire AC Repair Experts

Posted on: 28 September 2022

Getting to your restaurant and being welcomed by a foul smell is frustrating. The last thing you need in your eatery is a bad smell since it can scare away your clients and employees. Therefore, if the air quality in your restaurant is compromised, it is time to hire air conditioning professionals to help fix the problem. Learn of four AC smells that should alert you to call repair professionals immediately.

1. Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell, one or more electrical parts of your commercial AC might fail. Therefore, the continued use of this unit could lead to a fire. Remember that a fire can spread viciously in restaurants because of the cooking equipment, cooking oil, and various electric cords. If you notice a burning smell, you should switch off the AC immediately and call professionals to check the cause and provide a solution.

2. Rotten Smell

Another smell that your air conditioning might cause is a rotten egg smell. Such smells, especially in your restaurant, can be disgusting and could make you throw up. If your restaurant has a rotten egg smell, you will likely get bad reviews and lose business. So, the best option is to act fast and hire AC repair professionals. In most cases, the egg-like smell can be caused by a refrigerant leak, and this is something that a skilled professional can fix within a short time.

3. Dirty Socks Smell

No one wants to eat from a restaurant smelling like dirty socks. However, this is the smell you will have in your establishment if your cooling unit has a blocked condensate drain, dirty coils, or clogged vents. Although you might want to address the problem quickly to continue serving clients, you might not know the cause of the smell, which might worsen the situation. The best way to deal with this offensive stench is by hiring AC experts with the right tools to determine the source and the cause. Additionally, they will fix the problem within a short time.

4. Vinegar Smell

The other foul smell that might be coming from your air conditioning is a vinegar-like smell. Most restaurant owners are likely to dismiss this smell and continue working. However, note that the more you ignore the smell, the stronger it gets. So over time, the smell can be so intense that it might irritate the eyes and nose or cause fever. The smell might come from a faulty electric motor, filters, or mold infestation. Instead of risking the health of the people in your facility, hire an AC repair contractor to examine your unit.

If you have a strange smell from your restaurant's AC, it is important to have the situation fixed immediately. Remember that it is best to leave any repair job to AC repair professionals who can fix the unit fast and ensure that you have clean and fresh air circulating in your restaurant.