3 Things an HVAC Tech Will Check on Your Gas Furnace

Posted on: 8 September 2022

Many people choose to use natural gas as their heating fuel. It can be an excellent way to keep your house nice and warm when it is cold outside. If you have a natural gas furnace, you must ensure that you get it serviced annually. Servicing your furnace acts like a tuneup to make sure that your furnace is working well and that nothing has broken down. You can do some of the maintenance tasks yourself, but it's better to work with an HVAC service tech because they will be able to fix any problems they see. So, what are some things the tech will check on your gas furnace?


The burner on your furnace needs to be inspected regularly for several reasons. One reason is that it can collect soot. Soot is flammable, and if there is a lot of soot and scoring in the burner, the fire risk rises, but a regular tuneup can avoid that. Making sure the burner is clean will also help to make sure that your furnace is going to be as efficient as it can be while it is heating your house. That will mean you get more heat without using much fuel. 


The vents to the rooms of your house may have gotten damaged during the summer, or things may have clogged them up. Clogged or damaged vents mean that heat won't be able to get through them, and you won't even get heat in your house. It can also cause your furnace to work harder to give you the same amount of heat because the blower has to push harder to get the heat through the damaged or clogged areas. That will also cause you to burn more fuel and cost you more money.

Check System Controls

The service tech is also going to make sure that all the controls to your furnace are working correctly. You need them to work correctly so that your furnace turns on when it is supposed to and then switches back off as necessary. 

If you have a natural gas furnace, contact an HVAC contractor such as Integrity Air so that they can come out and do a quick inspection and tuneup of your furnace. This is something that you should do yearly. It will help keep your furnace running efficiently as long as possible and help you get a lovely warm house during the winter when it's cold outside.