Do You Suspect Cracks On Your Heat Exchanger? Signs To Tell You Need Heating Repair

Posted on: 5 April 2022

A furnace contains various internal components that work in coordination to provide much-needed winter warmth. One of these crucial components is the heat exchanger. Over time, the heat exchanger can develop holes due to prolonged use and old age. If your heat exchanger is completely worn out, a replacement is necessary. However, it's costly to replace this furnace component, and it's more sensible to install a new unit. Here are some signs that your heat exchanger may be cracked and it's time to call HVAC repair services.

Disruptive Noises That Sound Like Rattling

Cracks on the heat exchanger often cause rattling sounds when the unit is running. In addition, the metal components can expand or contract leading to audible banging and popping noises. This might indicate that your heat exchanger is nearing the end of its service life. When you notice such noises, it's best to call an HVAC technician to diagnose the problem. If the issue is extensive, it might be necessary to invest in a new unit to enjoy quiet operations.

Water Puddles on the Floor near the Unit

Your heat exchanger can suffer corrosion and develop cracks over time. If this is the case, water may drip from your furnace, forming puddles on the floor near your heating system. It would be prudent to hire an expert to examine the cause of this problem. If there are visible holes in this component, you may need to invest in a new heating unit. When replaced, the equipment will work optimally, and you won't have to deal with possible mold issues.

Strange and Chemical-Like Odors

A heat exchanger that's cracked can emit chemical-like odors. If left to dominate your space, these smells might cause you and members of your household to experience splitting headaches. Simply put, odors from a malfunctioned heat exchanger are dangerous to your health. Therefore, as soon as you notice a strange odor, turn off your furnace and alert a heating repair professional. This problem could be due to carbon monoxide leaks, which can harm your health.

Peculiar Flame That Looks Yellowish and Wavy

A blue, stable flame signifies that your furnace is working correctly. However, if you observe a yellow flame, the exchanger could be damaged beyond repair. Moreover, a flickering burn indicates punctures.

Call your HVAC contractor when you observe an unfamiliar flame. They will find out whether cracks on the heat exchanger could be causing this problem. If they identify extensive cracking, you might need an upgrade the system to wade off additional problems in the future.

The heat exchanger plays a fundamental role in furnace operations. Therefore, the entire system becomes inefficient when the heat exchanger develops issues. It's best to schedule a furnace replacement if your heating repair technician identifies cracks in the component.