Tips For Repairing AC Coolant Leaks Around Residential Properties

Posted on: 1 December 2021

The coolant that your AC utilizes to make cool air needs to remain in the system. If you ever suspect a leak with this substance, you need to have it repaired quickly. Here are some repair solutions that can help you restore cooling performance before wasting a lot of money.

Inspect Common Sources of Leaking

There are particular areas of an AC unit that are more prone to leaking than others. Thus, it makes sense to start with these areas first to find the exact source. Then you'll know what repair methods will be needed.

Some of these areas include the condensing coil, the accumulator, and the evaporator coil. Check out these components first before investigating other areas of your residential cooling system. Then you can make a note of any leak warning signs and go from there. 

Schedule a Full Tune-Up

Even if you think you have a handle on the refrigerant leak, it's still a good idea to schedule a full tune-up for your cooling system. A tune-up will play a huge role in identifying all sources of leaking. That's because qualified contractors will inspect every relevant component that could lead to refrigerant leaks.

They'll also perform maintenance services like cleaning to keep systems and materials from breaking down and thus resulting in more leaks in the future. A complete tune-up is the most comprehensive way to deal with current and future refrigerant leaks around your residential AC system. 

Hire an HVAC Technician to Provide More Coolant

Once you're able to identify the source of the refrigerant leak and have repaired it effectively, you'll need to add more refrigerant to the AC unit to compensate for the refrigerant that was lost. Make sure you hire an HVAC contractor to bring this substance out.

Not only do they know what type of refrigerant to bring, but they have safe handling protocols in place that will ensure this substance ends up in your cooling system without negative incidents occurring. They'll also know how much refrigerant to apply based on the amount of refrigerant loss that occurred. 

There may be some leaking happening with your AC unit. The sooner you deal with this problem, the sooner you can get optimal performance from this appliance. You just need to figure out where the leaking is coming from and then plan key repair strategies accordingly. Then this important coolant won't keep leaving the AC system when it runs. 

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