Air-Conditioning Tips For New Homeowners

Posted on: 5 November 2021

The performance that you are getting from your air-conditioning system can have a large impact on your overall quality of life. It can be particularly common for new homeowners to fail to appreciate the steps that they should be taking to improve their HVAC performance and extend the life of their systems.

It Is Possible To Improve AC Performance Without Spending Large Amounts Of Money

A new homeowner may assume that it will always take a large investment if they are to improve the performance of their HVAC system. In reality, there are often a variety of minor upgrades and tasks that people can do to substantially improve the overall performance of their HVAC system. An example of this could be sealing the cracks that may have formed around the doors and windows. Additionally, the vents of the air-conditioning system should be inspected to make sure that they have not become bent or warped.

Regular Maintenance Can Extend The Life Of The AC Unit

Having your air-conditioning serviced by a maintenance contractor can be an important step for extending the life of the air-conditioning system. Without routine maintenance, the unit will gradually suffer wear until its performance starts to be impacted. In some cases, this wear can even damage the mechanical parts of the air-conditioning system. Having the unit serviced each year by a trained air-conditioning technician can reduce this risk as these professionals will be able to thoroughly inspect the system so that any wear it has suffered during the previous year can be addressed. These maintenance visits can be a minor expense to pay, but they will be able to drastically reduce the expenses that you may have to pay to repair or replace the system in the future.

The Ducting And Vents Of The System Will Need To Be Cleaned

The ducting and vents in the home are parts of the system that should not be neglected by a homeowner. Over the years, the ducting and vents can accumulate large amounts of dust. This dust can reduce the air quality in the home when the air-conditioning system is running, but it can also decrease the overall performance of the system. This is particularly true when the vents are extremely dirty as this can reduce the amount of air that can come out of them. A vacuum can be an easy way of cleaning these vents, and this tool can also avoid the risk of dust from the vents falling into the ducting where it may be much harder to reach.