Can A Failed Air Conditioner Require An Emergency Visit?

Posted on: 16 August 2021

You might be used to making emergency calls to plumbers. After all, an overflowing toilet can lead to unsanitary conditions, or a burst pipe can rapidly cause water damage. However, air-conditioning often seems like much more of a luxury, so are there genuine situations where you'll need to contact an HVAC contractor for an emergency visit?

There are, in fact, many situations when emergency AC repair is needed. Recognizing when you've got an HVAC emergency on your hands won't just keep you cool, but it'll also help you protect your expensive air-conditioning equipment and your home.

When Staying Cool Matters

Before considering the ways that a failing AC system might require immediate attention, it's worth thinking about your health. The heat index can help you understand where high temperatures transition from an uncomfortable inconvenience into a dangerous (and even life-threatening) situation. When high temperatures and high humidity mix, they create a hazardous situation that can threaten your health.

If you live in an area that's experiencing prolonged heatwaves or extreme temperatures, then you should consider an air-conditioning failure an emergency. Unless you can go somewhere else to escape the heat, you'll need your air conditioner to stay cool and safe. Calling in an HVAC contractor for an emergency repair in these situations is often the best move.

Protecting Your Equipment

Even if the temperatures outside aren't dangerously hot, some situations may pose a danger to your AC equipment. For example, a frozen evaporator can interfere with the system's refrigerant flow and stress your compressor. Refrigerant leaks can likewise cause issues with the internal lubrication of the compressor, ultimately resulting in more wear and a greater likelihood of failure.

If it's warm enough that you want to continue using your system, but you know that one of these problems exists, then it's probably time for an emergency visit. A contractor can fix the underlying issue, which should protect more expensive components, such as your compressor, from further damage.

Protecting Your Home

Finally, you should never forget that your air conditioner is an electric appliance, and one that isn't correctly operating can pose a fire hazard. Avoid using your air conditioner if it's frequently tripping circuit breakers or if the compressor motor seems to be struggling to engage. Since tripped breakers result from overloaded circuits, continuing to operate your system may pose a fire hazard.

Your air conditioner is an essential element in keeping your home cool and comfortable. If it isn't operating correctly, you shouldn't hesitate to call in a contractor, even if you need to make an emergency call outside of regular business hours.