Servicing Your Hydronic Radiant Heating System This Winter To Reduce Energy Expenses

Posted on: 17 December 2020

There are many areas where radiant heating systems are used to keep homes warm. If you have a radiant heating system, servicing your heating system can help prevent problems. Servicing your system can also help to reduce your winter energy expenses. The following heating servicing this winter will help ensure your system is working efficiently.

Purging Air From Your Heating System

Over time, the radiators and pipes of your heating system can get air in them. This happens with changes in temperatures. The system can also have issues with buildup in the heating circuit. Therefore, the system may need to be purged to remove air from the system and any debris buildup.

Servicing Your Boiler to Improve Heating Efficiency

The boiler can also become worn and have issues with efficiency over time. Therefore, the system needs to be serviced before using the heating system. The heating technician will do maintenance to your system, including:

  • Adjust valves for winter heating
  • Clean the burner of your boiler
  • Inspect all the radiators in your home
  • Test control panel and inspect the boiler

The maintenance is important to ensure your heating is working efficiently. The boiler may also need minor repairs after the system is inspected. You will want to have the heating service repair these problems before they become worse after using your system.

Inspecting Radiator Plumbing and Connections for Problems

The radiator plumbing can be another issue that you have to deal with. Often, problems with radiators are due to failing fittings and valves. Therefore, the repairs that are needed can be easy to do. The only thing that needs to be done is to replace any leaking fittings or failing valves.

Testing and Calibrating the Thermostat to Improve Efficiency

The controls and thermostat of your heating system can also be a problem. First, you will want to inspect the boiler control panel for problems and replace it if needed. The thermostat also needs to be calibrated with the heating system to ensure it is working efficiently. If your heating is not maintaining your home at the right temperature, calibration can often solve the problem. The issue could also be due to air in the radiators, which can be solved by purging the system.

The right maintenance and services will help you keep your home warm without paying higher energy bills. Use heating system services to help you with the maintenance and repairs your system needs this winter.