Do You Have A Commercial Building With Busted AC? Time To Replace That Old Unit

Posted on: 14 October 2020

If you own a business and the air conditioning hasn't worked in a couple of years, it's time to make your employees more comfortable and to invest in replacing the unit. An old, outdated unit can cost you high utility bills, and it can be pushing dirty air throughout your business. Consider contacting a commercial AC repair service to help you with your unit.  

You can get quotes for a couple of different air conditioning models, which may include:

  • Labor and installation costs
  • New unit cost
  • Old unit haul away service fee
  • Repairs to the current HVAC system

There may need to be changes made to your current system in order to hook up your new unit. Talk with the commercial air conditioning service professionals about these different things.

Air Quality Concerns

A commercial AC repair team can address any air quality concerns you have that could be reviewed during the upgrade and with the ventilation system. This could include things like:

  • Dirty and dusty ducts throughout the building
  • Pests and dropping inside the ducts
  • Enough air return vents
  • Filtration in the unit

You may need the ducts cleaned, especially if they are paired with an old furnace or air conditioning unit for the entire HVAC system.

New Efficient Commercial Unit

Since you are investing the time and money to put in a new unit, you may want a commercial system that is highly efficient. Consider investing in a commercial unit that provides these settings and efficiency options:

  • Programmable timer settings
  • Multiple fan settings
  • High efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer warranty

The commercial heating and cooling contractor can talk with you about what unit will be the best with the current duct system you have in the space, what will be the most efficient for your building, and what durable unit is a smart investment.

Service Warranty and Guarantee

You want the commercial AC repair company to stand by the work that they will do. As such, many offer service warranties. Talk with them about how they can fix any installation issues or errors if they present themselves, and how long the service warranty is good for after the purchase of the new unit.

Don't suffer on hot days or put yourself at the risk of a liability issue because you don't have air conditioning in your space. Instead, talk with the professionals and find out what type of new air conditioner you need for the property, and how this will help your business staff work in the space. Contact a commercial AC repair service for more information.