2 Tips For Maintaining Your Central A/C Unit's Exterior Condenser Fins

Posted on: 8 September 2020

While taking care of your home's central air conditioning unit, you may already change or clean the filter once a month and make sure that no vegetation is growing up around the unit. However, part of your efforts should also include maintaining the unit's exterior condenser fins.

The fins' job is to help blow hot air away from the unit, and any obstruction to this function can make the condenser run harder. Use the tips below during the routine maintenance to remove obstructions and to help keep these fins fully functional.

1.  Use a Soft-Bristled Cleaning Brush to Remove Debris

When it comes time to work on the condenser fins, the first task you should perform is removing any debris that has wedged itself in between them. Dirt, grass, and other grime can get caught in the tiny spaces, which blocks the flow of air through and around the unit.

To clean the fins, use a soft-bristled cleaning brush to gently brush away the debris. If you run across any stubborn dirt, use moderate pressure with the brush to remove it.

Do not force the bristles through the fins, and do not use a power washer or other high-pressure water. The fins are quite fragile, and you could end up bending or breaking them, which would also result in impeded airflow.

2.  Straighten Bent Fins Using a Dinner Knife

If you come across any bent fins while you are cleaning them, you can attempt to straighten them. For this job, use a dinner knife that has a dull, rounded edge. A sharp, pointed knife could cause more damage to the fins or damage the condenser inside.

To straighten a bent fin, put the knife next to the bent area no more than the depth of the fin itself. Then, gently push the knife against the fin to work it back into place.

While attempting to do this job, do not try to force a fin that will not bend. If you are unable to straighten the fins or afraid you will break them, have a professional do the job for you

Straightening and cleaning your unit's condenser fins are only a couple of things that you should do to help keep your A/C unit running at optimal efficiency. While some of the maintenance tasks may be done by you, others require the assistance of a professional. To schedule a routine maintenance call, contact an HVAC contractor near you who provides air conditioning services.