"Electric Heat Is The Most Expensive Of All" And Other Myths About Electric Heat Systems

Posted on: 7 August 2020

Making decisions about the heating system for your home should always be done with the help of a heating service professional. Electric heat systems are a top choice, but they get a bad rap from the ongoing myths that are out there. 

Myth: Electric heat systems are the most expensive of all

When you start working with a heating service to choose your new system, you will immediately find that this myth is false. Electric heat systems are less complicated than those that function with gas. Therefore, they are easier to install and often much less costly to buy. 

Myth: Electric heat systems are not good for the environment

Electric heat systems obviously utilize electricity to function. Electricity can be generated from different things. The most well-known way to produce electricity is by burning fossil fuels or coal, but many places have adopted renewable methodology for electricity generation, such as using wind or flowing water to produce electric energy. Additionally, electricity is a clean-burning fuel; it does not generate carbon gases and fumes when in use. 

Myth: You are more likely to experience a fire with a faulty electric heat system

Space heaters and fireplaces are the biggest culprits when it comes to house fires caused by heating equipment. Only 12 percent of all fires caused by home heating mechanisms are related to central heat systems, whether they are powered by electricity or gas. As many as 44 percent are caused by space heaters and another 32 percent are caused by chimneys or fireplaces. Most modern electric heat systems are equipped with multiple safeguards to protect the user from a fire risk. 

Myth: You can't use an electric heat system if you have gas available

Natural or propane gas is available at numerous homes across the country, and there are no rules stating that you have to use this as a fuel source for your heater in most places. It is rare for zoning laws of building codes to require that a certain fuel source is used. 

Myth: Most electric heat systems have a short life span

When you have a heating service install an electric furnace or another heat system in your home, they will give you a general guideline of how long you can expect the system to last. A general electric heat system with a heat pump will usually last at least 15 years but can last longer with proper maintenance and care.