4 Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner This Spring

Posted on: 2 June 2020

Spring is in full swing, which means the warm days of summer will soon be here. Before that hot summer heat rolls in, you need to make sure your AC system is ready to handle all that heat. Getting your AC system ready before the heat arrives is the best way to ensure you are equipped to handle the heat.

Get a Formal Inspection

It is a smart idea to get your AC system inspected by an HVAC specialist before you start using it each year. An HVAC specialist will check your entire system. They will tighten up any loose parts on your AC system. They will identify and replace any worn down parts.

They will lubricate the moving parts that need a little extra attention in order to move smoothly. They will make sure your air conditioning system is in good shape and ready to go. AC professionals get busier the warmer it gets outside, so schedule your yearly inspection as soon as possible.

Put in a New Air Filter

Before you start using your AC system, buy a multi-pack of air filters for your system. The filter has a huge impact on the overall performance of your air conditioning system. A dirty filter can negatively impact the overall performance of your AC system and can make a great system function like a broken system.

Getting a multi-pack of filters will provide you with extra filters so you can swap out your filters every four to six weeks. Your AC filters a high volume of air in the summer, and that can really clog up your filters quickly.

Clean Your Ducts

If you have a duct system, in addition to an AC inspection, you may want to schedule a duct cleaning this spring. With a duct cleaning, all the dust and mites that build up inside of the duct will be removed, helping to ensure that the air that comes out of your vents is as clean as possible.

While cleaning your ducts, your AC company can also check for damage to the ducts and repair any damaged areas. Damaged ducts can really hamper the performance of your AC system, which is why you should take care of those right away as well.

Give Your Unit Room to Breathe

If you have an outside AC unit, make sure your vegetation isn't crowding it. Clean around the unit and prune back any bushes or plants growing near the unit. Proper air circulation is important to the overall performance of your air conditioning unit.

When it comes to taking care of your air conditioning unit, get a formal inspection and a duct cleaning scheduled as soon as possible so your AC is ready to perform when it gets hot outside. Have a supply of air filters on hand so you can take care of this basic maintenance task throughout the summer. Make sure you trim your plants back and allow air to circulate freely around the outside component of your air conditioning system.

For more information, contact a residential AC service in your area.