Preparing Your Home's Exterior For Winter

Posted on: 31 December 2018

You want to make sure your home is prepared for those cold and harsh winter months. Preparing your home for winter includes taking care of your home's yard and exterior. This article can serve as a short guide to winter preparation for the exterior and yard of your house.

Tend to your trees

Make sure that your trees are ready for winter. Look at the branches and cut back any that look as if they may not hold up well to high winds or the weight of snow on them. Also, cut back any branches that are starting to look dangerously close to your roof or to power lines. If you have a tree that is diseased, dead, or leaning too much, then you should have the tree removed.

Tend to any and all exposed plumbing pipes

If you see any exposed plumbing pipes along the exterior of your home, then you are going to want to insulate those pipes. Providing the pipes with insulation before the freezing temperatures arrive will help to decrease your chances of having a pipe freeze on you which can lead to it bursting and becoming a major plumbing emergency for you.

Clear out rain gutters

Check all the rain gutters and make sure they are all cleaned out. Also, verify that they are all still properly connected and none are visibly damaged. Check the downspouts for a good connection and no damage as well.

Check your roof

Take a good look at the shingles or tiles on your roof, as well as the flashing. If you see missing, lifted, or otherwise damaged tiles or shingles, then get them repaired right away. Make sure the flashing is all in good condition, and if not, then this will also need to be addressed right away, hopefully before the rain and snow arrive.

Turn your driveway into a heated driveway

Consider having a driveway heater installed before the snow and ice appear. Once you have a heated driveway, you will be able to get in your car and go without worrying about pulling the snow shovel out of your garage and shoveling snow before you can leave. You also won't have to worry about slipping and injuring yourself while you are just trying to get in your car. Another added benefit of a heated driveway is not worrying about someone else slipping and falling on your property while walking up the driveway.