Things To Discuss With Your Furnace Installer

Posted on: 25 November 2018

If your furnace has had multiple repair bills and it still isn't working as well as it should, then it's time to think about having a new furnace installed. Getting a new furnace gives you the chance to buy one that is much more energy-efficient and better suited for your home. Here are some things you may want to discuss with the installation technician when you get your new furnace.

Size Concerns For A Large House

If you have a large home with multiple levels, you may need more than one heating unit. A lot depends on how your home is laid out. It's important to have a furnace that is sized appropriately. You can't guess the size according to the size your home has now because a modern furnace may heat your home more efficiently than your furnace that's several years old. Instead, the installation contractor needs to take several things into account to determine the size of the furnace you need, if zoned heating is appropriate, and if you might need two furnaces for a very large house.

Service Contract For Ongoing Maintenance 

Once you get your new furnace, you want to keep it in good shape so that it lasts for many years. One way to do that is to have it cleaned and serviced at least once each year. When you buy your new furnace, the company may offer you a service agreement where they will send a maintenance technician to your home at the appointed time. This could be something you want to do so you never forget to have your furnace serviced.

Furnace Upgrades To Improve Air Quality

A furnace keeps you warm and cozy in the winter, but it also dries out your skin and nose. One solution is to have a humidifier installed that adds moisture to the air as it flows through the ducts of your HVAC system. This prevents dry air in your home and not only keeps you more comfortable but also keeps wood furniture from drying out and splitting. Another upgrade for a furnace is an air filter or purifier. This is a help if you have allergies and you want the air to be as clean as possible. Some systems even have a UV light that kills germs that float through the air.

Before the heating installation crew leaves, be sure you understand how to maintain the filter in your new furnace. You may need to change it monthly while the furnace runs in the winter. Ask the technician to show you how if you don't know because changing the filter on time protects your furnace from unnecessary problems caused by restricted airflow from dust clogs.