Tips For Improving The Air Quality In Your Home

Posted on: 23 April 2018

Keeping the air quality inside your home as high as possible is important for ensuring that you are able to comfortably breathe while you are in your home. Properly caring for the ducting will be an important part of avoiding air quality issues. To help you with minimizing the issues that poorly maintained ducting can cause, you will want to consider some basic guidelines.

Avoid Blocking The Vents With Furniture

Placing furniture over the vents can be a major factor in reducing the air quality in the home. As the air leaves the vent, it will carry any dust particles that may be present on the furniture. Also, dirt and dust from the furniture can start to gather on the vent. Lastly, having furniture on the vent will also restrict the airflow from the system, which can lead to a variety of performance issues. In order to avoid these issues, you should leave at least a foot of space for clearance between the furniture and the vent.

Regularly Dust The Vents

You will want to regularly dust the vents to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that can be spread through the home. Ideally, these vents should be dusted every week as they will be able to accumulate large amounts of dust in a fairly short period of time. When dusting the events, you should consider using a wet cloth as this will be less likely to cause dust to become airborne.

Replace The Air Filter Every Month

Regularly replacing the air filters is another important part of keeping the air quality high. Over time, the filter will develop a thick layer of dirt and dust. This layer will be able to reduce the amount of airflow into the system, and it can increase the amount of dust in the ducting. Making it a point to replace the air filter every month can help to drastically reduce these issues. When changing the filters, you should consider using hypoallergenic options as these will be able to filter out most of the allergens that could be in the air.

Have The Ducting Cleaned Every Few Years

Every few years, it can be worthwhile to have your ducting professionally cleaned by a heating company like A-1Finchum Heating. This will remove the dust and dirt that will start to accumulate in the network of ducts that run throughout your home. While this may seem somewhat excessive, it can dramatically improve the quality of the air inside your home, which can be extremely beneficial for those with chronic breathing problems or severe allergies.