3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Posted on: 26 January 2018

Central air conditioning is a great way to beat the heat during the summer months. However, if you haven't been maintaining your air conditioner, it may not be as efficient as it should be, but a repair may be just what you need. If your air conditioner has been acting a little funny, check out these three signs your air conditioner needs repairs.

The System Shuts off or Cycles too Often

Newer air conditioners have an auto shut-off feature. This occurs when the condensate pan or pipe is filled with water. However, if your system starts to shut off when the pan or pipe isn't full, it's a sign something may be wrong. Another common sign of damage is that the system turns on and off too often. In other words, it goes through cooling cycles too often. Sometimes, this simply means the unit is too big for your home, but if this is something new with your current system, it may be indicate something is damaged. Also, if the system isn't cycling and just staying on, that's a problem too.

Your Cooling Costs Are Increasing

Any system that needs repairs isn't efficient, and any system that isn't efficient is going to waste money. If your cooling bills are suddenly increasing from when you had the unit installed, it may not be normal wear and tear. One common reason for these higher costs is the previously mentioned issues: cycling too often and constantly running. Your cooling costs may also be increasing because the system is blowing less air, so you must use more energy to get the temperature you want. This is often caused by a dirty filter or damage to the ductwork.  

There Are Strange Noises or Smells

Air conditioners can be loud, but you get used to the familiar sounds. If you suddenly notice new sounds, especially squeaking, grinding or banging, there could be a problem. It might just be some debris stuck in the exterior unit, but it may be something more serious. Another sign of damage to your AC unit is strange smells. Musty smells may indicate mold or high humidity levels. If you smell burning, turn off your system immediately and contact a tech because the system is likely overheating and may cause a fire.

If your air conditioner is acting strange and showing any of these signs, you may need a repair or total system replacement. For more information regarding AC repair and replacement, contact a HVAC specialist in your area today.