What Guarantees Do You Want From An HVAC Contractor?

Posted on: 29 February 2016

Selecting an HVAC contractor is one of the most difficult decision a consumer has to make. Most of the time, you need expensive work done now, but you have no idea who the local HVAC contractors are let alone how reliable they are. One of the best ways to make sure you're making the right choice is to find out what guarantees and contractor makes and how they back them. Here are a few of the guarantees you consider non-negotiable.


Like most people, HVAC contractors often prefer to have nights and weekends off. Unfortunately for consumers, this usually means taking time off from work to schedule HVAC maintenance, repairs, or installations.

What often happens is that you tell your boss that you're coming in late and the HVAC technician's tardiness makes you miss the entire day, or you take the afternoon off and the technician never makes it to your house. Sadly, many contractors feel they can get away with this because you want your HVAC system repaired now and the alternative to waiting a few hours is spending days finding another contractor and waiting for an available appointment.

A good HVAC contract should have an automatic discount for late arrivals.

Property Protection

What happens if an HVAC technician accidentally punches a hole in your drywall with a tool or shorts out your home's electrical system? While a decent company would accept responsibility and make the fix on their own, far too many don't.

Your HVAC contract should state the company is responsible for any damage it causes to your or a neighbor's property. The company should also be bonded and insured to ensure that there is a way for you to recover for any damage even if they go out of business.


HVAC systems are sold as an investment and they can be, but that means they should last a long time. They should also live up to any other promises of energy efficiency and providing appropriate heating and cooling power.

To protect yourself, look for a contractor who is looking for more than a single sale. They should offer a warranty and free return visits to correct any problems you're experiencing with a new or newly repaired system. Be sure the warranty covers both parts and labor to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Now you're ready to start looking for a local HVAC contractor (like Long Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Inc).