Three Ways To Stay Cool While Your Air Conditioning Is Broken

Posted on: 23 June 2015

A working air conditioner is easy to take for granted, but when this important appliance develops mechanical problems that require you to call a repair technician, it can be an agonizing few days of waiting in the heat. The answer, as much as it might seem tempting, isn't to book a hotel room and bask in its air conditioning while you wait. Instead, there are a variety of simple changes you can make to keep cool at home. Sure, cold showers will help, but that will only get you so far. Make these three changes and you'll find some degree of relief before your air conditioner is repaired.

Windows And Fans

If you've grown accustomed to running your air conditioner, it can easy to overlook the benefits of opening your windows at night when the temperature dips. Cooling your home in this manner can reduce the internal temperature several degrees overnight and provide relief while you sleep. Opening windows on opposite ends of the home is especially beneficial, as doing so creates a cross draft that can cool that particular floor quickly. You can expedite the cooling process by running a ceiling fan -- or simply setting up a portable fan in the room -- to draw the cool air into the room.

Dietary Changes

When you're trying to stay cool, the last thing you want to do is run the oven for a couple hours to cook a roast. In the days before the repair technician arrives, switch your diet to focus on colder food choices. Barbecue your proteins, as doing so won't increase the temperature inside your home, and eat cold salads, fresh fruit and raw veggies, and drink plenty of cold water. This strategy not only avoids heating your home by running the oven and stove, but also helps to keep your body cool and hydrated. Store-bought or homemade frozen treats also provide welcome relief and are especially appealing if you have children.

Wardrobe Adjustments

When you're home, pick clothing that will keep you cool. Many athletic companies sell shirts and shorts made of lightweight fabrics that can wick away your sweat. These garments help your skin feel cool and dry, whereas other clothing can often cause a hot, stuffy feeling. If you really want to cool off, place a couple articles of clothing in a plastic bag and set them in the freezer for an hour before you need them. Although they won't keep you cool indefinitely, they'll provide immediate relief when you put them on.

These tips can help keep you cool while you wait for you air conditioner to be repaired by a company like Kassel Appliance & Ac Repair